Sunday, February 22, 2009

Recent Ramblings....

I recently returned from an incredible wedding photography convention in the US, and I have returned feeling inspired and creative. The opportunity to study with some of the most influencial wedding photographers in this field is one that should not be missed by anyone who wants to continue to learn and grow in the world of photography. That is how we keep our skills fresh, learn new techniques and ideas, and stay on the cutting edge of the industry. In this very competitive day and age, where everyone has a fantastic digital camera and the ability to take photos, it is creativity and a desire to stay fresh that will keep a photographer in business. I want to be inspired, creative, and fresh for my clients. My clients are well informed and they know what they like. To keep up, I must continually learn and grow. I will never be finished in this journey to be better, to push make my images come alive.

If you are not staying are falling behind. Believe it!!!! :)

Another thing I took away from this convention was the reminder that photography provides us all with a lasting reminder of the life we have lived. While I was away, it was with great sadness that I learned two very good clients and friends lost their lives in a tragic car accident, leaving loving husbands and familes behind to mourn. As I made my way to visit with the families, it was obvious that the photos displayed brought so many people comfort and happiness. Sometimes I will refuse to allow myself to be photographed because I didn't fix my hair, my make up, or lose that nagging 50lbs that has haunted me my whole life. :) I kid, but in there is some truth. I am turning down countless opportunities to make tangible reminders of the fantastic life I am living.

No more.

While I was away, I decided that I wasn't going to stop having my picture taken for something as silly as the way my hair looks. My children love me....they don't care if I just came back from the salon, freshly cut and coloured, or if I just rolled out of bed. This is what I am going to remind myself. I hope there will be some of you for whom this idea will resonate. I am going to encourage every parent to get in the photo with their more waiting around for a better day.

Today is that day. :)

{In memory of Michelle and Suzanne}

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Kimberly Hill said...

You live out loud. No apologies. You make my life a better one for knowing you. Just seeing your face show up unexpectedly on my computer makes me smile. You are a gift for which I'm forever thankful and a beacon of "look what you can do" for the girls.

Never doubt, my sweet. Never.