Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hey YOU in the big white dress....

Yes....I'm talking to YOU, bride of 2007 or 2008. It's time to get your act together, girl!

You know you want to look your best on your big day, and spend a Sunday with your best peeps checking out the bridal swag available in the area. Why don't you slip on down to the annual Cobourg Bridal Show, at the Lions Centre this Sunday? (Jan 28!!!) It's going to be a blast. You can oooh and ahhh over the latest bridal fashions during Lasting Memories Bridal's big fashion show. You can check out all of the vendors in the area that you've been wanting to pin down for services. You can eat CAKE. I know you love cake, don't you? ;)

....and since you are going to be there, stop by my table and say hello. You know you want to.

I'll see you there chicas!

I love New Stuff...... :)

My friendly delivery lady made a stop recently and unloaded boxes and boxes of new stuff to play with. We spent a day last week testing out the new gear, and here are a few of the newest things to hit the studio....

New backdrops. A whole pile of them. Some aren't even pictured below. There was just THAT many, lol. Here's a sneak peek at what's in store for future sessions....

If you would like a closer look at some of these backgrounds, you can visit my new online proofing sample gallery here, and enter the password " gerri " in the code box. I will be starting to upload most of my future sessions to online proofing galleries, in addition to giving the disk that is provided. Please email me for a password if you have had a session in the past week, and do not yet have your gallery password. I am really excited about the online proofing system, and I hope it will make re-prints and enlargements easier and more conenient to get. Most of my clients have been asking for my recommendations for a lab to print at, and this is the best way I know of to ensure that the photos that I take for you will be printed at a professional lab, which will accurately reproduce colour and contrast in your photos. You can order by credit card, and have your prints delivered right to your home. Department stores are great places to buy clothes, stuff for your house, shoes.....but NOT a great place to take your treasured memories to be printed. 'Nuff said.
Some other new stuff that will interest mommies of little girls are the brand new TUTU's that are in! Each one is a little different, and there is one each of purple, baby pink, and white. Check them out....soooo cute!

I have to tell you, my own kids were wild about them (until they realized that the tutu's weren't for their own dressup box!) and I think they'll be a big hit with the little girls. (and possibly the more adventurous little boys as well.... ;) )

Monday, January 15, 2007

Calling All DIVAS!!!!

I know you're out there. You are a fabulous female who is in desperate need for some new, gorgeous photos! Perhaps you need them for your MySpace page, your MSN, or for your Plenty of Fish profile. Well this is the perfect opportunity for you to get what you need while you put money into an organization that is doing great work for women everywhere! Come and join us for our Touch of Pink Diva Party.

Click Here to get the skinny on the coolest thing that you and your girlfriends can do to help end Breast Cancer!

(Thanks Jill, for letting me talk you into posing for some fabulous Diva Photos!)

Disks are Ready ~ January 14

The good news? Disks are ready for the following people: Beth, Jeremy & Janet, Kevin & Dee, James, Honey, Crews and Vanlingen.

The bad news? The weather is so darn crappy that no one will be able to get out of their homes to get the disks! ;)

Please give me a call if your disk is ready, and we can arrange a (safer) day for you to come and pick it up! :)

Boys and their Toys....

Scott and Jill brought their little boy Nate in to see me again, and he is as cute as I remember. He has the most enormous blue eyes, and a way of looking up under his lashes that is just so mischievious! He has a great sense of humour, and once we established that Thomas the Train was in the house, our session was off and running! Check out his baby blues...


I'm sure many have heard the song from 'White Christmas' about 'Sisters'. I kept hearing it played in my head during the session I did with Jessica and Olivia. :)

"...All kinds of weather
We stick together
The same in the rain or sun
Two diff'rent faces
But in tight places
We think and we act as one "

Watching these two was a hilarious! They were so attentive to each other...it was adorable! They really got along well for sisters so close in age, and there was no fussing or squabbling at all. Here's a few from our weekend session...

Welcome Baby Ruby!

Ruby's parents were in to see me before Christmas to have some beautiful maternity photos taken to chronicle the last stage of pregnancy, so it was nice to get the call that there was a brand new Crews in the world. Ruby Jean was less than 2 weeks old when she visited my studio for the first time (out of utero, that is!). She was a perfect subject, letting us roll and bend her every which way we wanted! The photo with the apples is for her birth announcement, as her family owns the Crews Farm Market, and have been in the apple business for many years!

Thank Heaven for Little Girls!

I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Miss Rhylan last week, and as you can see from the examples below, she was an absolute charmer! She was game for just about anything we had in mind, and her smiles just didn't quit. I just love it when kids are having a great time in their session!

Dee & Kevin

I met Dee and Kevin at Nicole and Ian's wedding last summer, and I was thrilled to have them call me to do photos for their March wedding. They have a beautiful little girl, Ava, who I cannot wait to see in all of her flower-girl glory! We did their engagements downtown in beautiful Colborne, and made use of some of the local flavour as backgrounds. Again, the weather was pretty forgiving, considering that it is JANUARY!!! Poor Dee was pretty much a popcicle when we were done, but the results made it well worth the chill! :)

Jeremy & Janet ~ May 26, 2007

Jeremy and Janet were in for some engagement photos over the holidays. It was hard to believe that it was January, since there was absolutely no snow, and the temperature was quite a bit above zero. We took the opportunity to slip outside for a few shots, and we got them in just before the rain started pelting down on us! I am looking forward to working with them again on their wedding day in May of this year.

Friday, January 12, 2007

A Funny...

I got this email from my friend Selena, and it had a hilarious clip from The Tonight Show of the late Steve Irwin and Ross the Intern. It is so funny, I literally had to share it!!!

Click on the link below to enjoy some good memories from the much beloved Steve Irwin....

Steve Irwin and Ross the Intern

Get Your DIVA on! ~Update Jan 11

*** I am going to continue to post below the Diva Night info, so that people can get the info quickly. Please continue past this post to see new posts on the blog! :) ***

Get your DIVA on girls!

Just a quick update on the Touch of Pink Diva Party fundraiser that is happening on Saturday, February 17th at Rednecks Bar and Grill

We are hoping to to raise a pile of money and awareness for The Weekend to End Breast Cancer. It will be a great afternoon/evening for friends to get together, maybe have lunch or a drink, and do something great for the cause. For a minimum donation of $50, you will be photographed in all of your Diva glory, by yourself, and with your other participating friends. There is no limit to the number of women that can be photographed together. You will recieve a disk with your image files on it, and most importantly, you will be helping to make a difference. Even if you not being photographed, you can drop in to say hello and make a donation to Breast Cancer research, and hopefully do something to help all of the Diva's in your life. :)

The day will start at 1pm and run until 9pm, and appointments are limited, so call early. Lisa Harvey (one of the walkers in GeeGee's Girls Team for the Weekend to End Breast Cancer) will be booking all appointments.

Lisa can be reached at (613)394-5650 or Email Lisa

I want to thank everyone who has expressed an interest in donating to the day. Also, a huge thanks to Gerry & Cyndi Caume from Rednecks who are donating the entire back room to accomodate our photography set, and who are graciously hosting this event. Rednecks Bar and Grill is located at 8 Trenton Street.

Please do not call Rednecks to book your appointment! All appointments will be booked through Lisa at (613)394-5650 or Email Lisa

Directions to Rednecks are the same whether you are coming from the East or West:

Head towards Trenton on 401
Take CR-33 exit which is Exit #525
Turn right onto Provincial Route 33/CR 33
Turn left on to Trenton St (right after a gas station)
Rednecks Bar and Grill will be on your right hand side in the same building as Days Inn.

Thanks everyone! I look forward to seeing you there! Watch my blog for updates and appointment times. :)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bring on the Boys :)

What else can I say, but as a mom of 2 girls, I just don't get my fill of little boys often enough. Mason, Noah and Liam have always helped to fill the bill. They are beautiful to look at, and are such incredible creatures with a zest for life that is intoxicating. Add a bit of leftover Christmas candy to the mix, and it was a blast! Here's a few from our session last week....


Nicole and Gary brought their new baby Seamus to see me last week. He was such a good little subject, with so little fussing. I am happy to report that he also has excellent aim, for one so young, if you catch my drift! ;)