Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I have the MOST AWESOME clients!!!!

Yesterday I photographed the family of a client of mine who showed up to her session with a big surprise for me. She came in the the new studio bearing a very large box. Knowing she is an awesome cake creator, I had a pretty good idea what was in the box. I was excited about the idea of some awesome cake, but I couldn't believe what I saw when I opened the box!!!!

Check it out!!!!

YES my dears....that is a CAKE!!!! :) It was delicious too!!! I want to thank Kelly from Sweet Tooth Designs for this awesome creation! It was almost too good to eat.....note, I said *almost*! :)

Check out her website, and if you are in the market for some sweet creations give her a call!

Brand, Brand NEW!!!! 5 days old...

People often ask what the best time is to photograph a newborn baby. Of course, I always tell them THE MINUTE YOU CAN!!! :) If possible, I encourage my clients with new babies to bring them in when they are mere days old. The babies are so soft and squishy and they are so easy to work with at this age! They are so nice and sleepy, and they photographs that come from these sessions are truly precious, as the little ones change so very fast.

Karen and her family have been to me many, many times, and it was with great joy that I photographed the newest addition to the family, Baby Brodyn. Many, many congratulations to you both, and thank you for letting me share in your celebration!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Amy Loves Adam <3

I am really excited to be a part of Amy and Adam's upcoming wedding this Fall! I photographed Amy's family way back in 2006 (throw me a bone peeps...that was 3 long years ago!!! :) ) I really enjoyed the entire family, and I am looking forward to seeing everyone again! :)

Here are a few from our sexy beach session last month....

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Baby A!

I always love seeing this family for photos, as they are wonderful to shoot and have become friends over the past few years. Their little man is getting so seems like Mom was just coming to me for maternity photos!

Thanks for coming to my new place, guys! :)

FIRST SESSION in the New Studio!!!

It just so happened that my very first session in my new space happened to be a Personal Session! I really love being able to use natural light in my sessions. It's going to mean lots of new ideas and possibilities for my clients, and I am really excited about that! Jenna (a good friend and local photographer) has been working hard and in her first month of P90X fitness program, and she is looking amazing! Thanks for letting me share these, Jenna!

Also a note to the ladies out have been hitting the gym and working on your tan...perhaps it's time for a fresh session to remind your special someone of how beautiful you are inside AND out! Call the studio to inquire about our Personal Portrait sessions!

IT'S OPEN!!!! :) 15 KING ST. E. COLBORNE!!!!!

Well it's been a blur of a month.

Here's July by the numbers:

14 Paintbrushes
5 Colours of paint
4 giant blue tarps
600 sq feet of new flooring
6 Days of painting
12 straight days of renovations
7 kids farmed out to Day Camp
3 giant pillars
20 rice paper balls of assorted sizes
3 kinds of drills
2 lost drill bits (sorry Carolyn!)
3 significant work-related injuries
11 trips to Home Hardware
5 cases of pop
1 fake wall (and the arguments that ensued! lol!)
20 curtain panels
4 cans of textured enamel paint
3 days of chicken pad thai
1 late night trip to IKEA
4 leather-'esque' chairs
1 wii console with 3 remotes ;)

and last but not least

6 amazing friends who made this month bearable.

To Jennifer, who suffered the greatest party injury, and I am not sure she will ever recover the former splender of her unmarked thigh area....thank you!

To Warren who hauled his ass up a 14 foot incline to paint my overhang a glossy, jet-black in 90 degree heat.....thank you!

To The Lynn's (McColl and Vanderherberg)... thank you for guys are amazing!

To are an awesome friend, and you are crazy talented with design! You made it look so great, and I still can't believe how quickly it all came together. From the first night at soccer when I was in full meltdown mode, to my proud return from New York where you totally WOW'ed me with the 'grand reveal'! Your vision is something I am so proud of today. Thankyou!!!!

And last but not my assistant Carolyn: You painted, sanded, painted again, cut-in, cut-out, hammered, sawed and worked like a woman possessed! There isn't a square inch of my studio that doesn't have some effort of yours on my behalf. You are a true friend, and an amazing person and I would have never got through all that work without you. I can't thank you enough!!!!

So, without further adieu, here it baby, my sweat and tears, the culmination of my 5 year new studio location. :)

Please feel free to drop by if you are in the area to say hello, or to have a tour.

Watch for grand opening specials later this month!