Monday, October 29, 2007

Good Golly, Miss Mollie...let's TRASH THAT DRESS!!!

I have been waiting to do this Trash The Dress session since Mollie and I first started talking about it last spring. Mollie is the owner of Mollie's (hair salon) in Cobourg, and we love to dream of cool concepts when we are together. All of the planets aligned and we were finally able to pull it off this past weekend. She was only too willing to trash her old wedding dress in the name of science...we wanted to see how filthy it was going to get! We crawled around in caves, in mossy holes, out of crevices in the ground, and I can truly say that a wedding dress cleans up beautifully in the washing machine! I'm happy to know that it's ready for another trashing, as soon as we get a chance to do it again! Thanks girl....this was SOOO much fun! Rob was with us videotaping the event, so I'll be sure to post his latest video of our session when it's done!
Here's a few from our shoot....

Nick and Sarah ~ October 13, 2007

This wedding was one of the rare occurances where I have actually known the bride since she was in diapers! I was so excited to get the Christmas Day phone call last year that Sarah and Nick were engaged, and the fact that the church and I both had only one October date left, sealed the deal for them! :) It's been so amazing watching Sarah grow up over the years, and it hardly seems possible that she has both graduated from my Alma Mater, and married the man of her dreams in the past year. I have never physically lost my composure at a wedding when gazing upon the fresh face of the bride-to-be, but this time, I found myself with tears rolling down my face. What a strange sensation to be the one behind the camera, but also to be the one whose heart is swelling with pride and love that someone so dear is being married. Sarah, you were a stunning bride, and you made me so proud and happy for you. You have found a wonderful mate in Nick, and I truly wish you both a lifetime of good fortune, happiness and lots of beautiful Greek babies!!!! OPA!!!

Blast from the Past...

It was nice to see some old school mates from way back in the day (we won't actually say how far back in the day though!) when I photographed them at their family farm in Baltimore recently. I can't believe they have kids that are so grown makes me feel old! lol! When in the world did I stop being a teenager?! lol!

It was great to see you Lisa, and very nice to meet the boys!

Happy Birthday Zachary!!!

It's no secret to my friends that I have a secret love of little redheads. Zachary is surely one of my favorite little human beings in the world, and he has a fantastic little personality to match his fabulous head of hair. He's crazy-smart, and he always amazes me with the stuff he knows! I've taken his photo a dozen times, but it never gets old for me. Here he is, celebrating the big
F-O-U-R years.....
Happy Birthday, my little friend!!!! xoxo