Monday, October 29, 2007

Nick and Sarah ~ October 13, 2007

This wedding was one of the rare occurances where I have actually known the bride since she was in diapers! I was so excited to get the Christmas Day phone call last year that Sarah and Nick were engaged, and the fact that the church and I both had only one October date left, sealed the deal for them! :) It's been so amazing watching Sarah grow up over the years, and it hardly seems possible that she has both graduated from my Alma Mater, and married the man of her dreams in the past year. I have never physically lost my composure at a wedding when gazing upon the fresh face of the bride-to-be, but this time, I found myself with tears rolling down my face. What a strange sensation to be the one behind the camera, but also to be the one whose heart is swelling with pride and love that someone so dear is being married. Sarah, you were a stunning bride, and you made me so proud and happy for you. You have found a wonderful mate in Nick, and I truly wish you both a lifetime of good fortune, happiness and lots of beautiful Greek babies!!!! OPA!!!


Shirley Coupland said...

These pictures are amazing with one of the most beautiful brides ever. Shirley

Sarah Macridis said...

Gerri I have a confession to make – I look at these pictures daily – I smile & feel beautiful every time.
Thank you – you have been there since day one, taking pictures of me as a child. I remember us talking about the day that I get married and how wonderful that day would be. Well Gerri it was absolutely stunning – & I could not be happier, as you were there every step of the way. I love to look at the memories you have captured so beautifully. As I look at our pictures today and make our dinner reservation for our ‘one month’ – I know that I will be forever grateful for the gift you have given to us. One day went by fast, but we will always have the memories & for that – Thank you.
You are a fantastic person; we are blessed to have you as a friend – and of course – Thank you - for our wedding pictures that have been quoted by many ‘stunning – these should be in a magazine’.
Sarah & Nikolaos Macridis