Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hot Mamma!

Often times I am not able to share my clients maternity photos, as they tend to be of a more personal nature. However, I begged Karen to let me share at least this one photo of her from her maternity set last week. I love this photo so much, and it is just one of dozens of gorgeous photos of her, her hubby and their baby belly. They were so adventurous, they literally came into the studio saying: "You can do whatever you want with us..." :) Now that's the kind of direction I love to hear during a maternity session. Thanks guys! Can't wait to meet the baby!!!

The Younger, The Better....

Alisha and Kevin brought this little doll in a mere days after her birth. Sierra was just a few days old when she had her first photo opportunity, and she was such a good little baby. I've said it before, but it's worth mentioning...the earlier you do newborn photos, the nicer the result. Sure, it's a lot of work to get the baby ready, and get yourselves ready to make the trek out, but when you look at how tiny and sweet the babies are at this age, it makes it completely worthwhile. By the time your disk comes back to you two weeks later, your baby has changed so much you can hardly believe they were ever that small.

Ahhh...there's NOTHING like a brand new baby to show you what love it all about. :)

Alisha and Kevin...thank you for coming in so early. I think it was worth it!

Steve and Tracy ~ May 12

I knew their wedding was going to be a beautiful day when I photographed this couple last year. Tracy knows a lot about photography, and she was a fantastic bride to work with, and she planned lots of time for the photography. Often there isn't tons of time for photos, but since the wedding and reception were right on the grounds of the beautiful Waring House it meant no travel, and no lost time during photos.

We had an absolutely gorgoeous, perfect, sunny day, and I can't wait to show Steve and Tracy their wedding photos!

Congratulations guys! :)


You know, it was such an amazing day, with such a great couple (and wedding party!) to work with, I'm going to share a few more....

Introducing Steve!

This fine fellow is Steve, my new assistant. He's been working with me for the past few weeks, and I have to tell you, he's practically RUINED me for ever being able to work by myself. He is a great kid, and he works really hard to do everything I need before I even know I need it. As an added bonus, he won't let me carry any of my very heavy bags! (YAYYYY!!!!) I do worry that he will suffer from neck and back strain from carrying everything, but so far he has not complained yet!
If I am your wedding photographer this year, there is a very good chance you will get to meet Steve, and you can see for yourself how great it is to have him around on your big day! :)
PS. He isn't wearing the boa voluntarily. It got thrown onto him during a session, and I felt I had to memorialize the moment! ;)

Jacky & Stew ~ May 11 part 1

Jacky and Stew met me on May 11th 'Engagement Night' for some photos. I've been looking forward to doing these photos since I met Jacky last fall. I hate to name drop (NO I DON'T!!!!) but Jacky and Stew are both acTORS, and you might have seen them in 'Mean Girls' and 'American Pie-The Naked Mile' respectively. I had so much fun with them. They are very cool, funny, and as Jacky would say, extraordinarily hot. ;)

Looking very forward to your big day, guys!