Friday, May 04, 2007

Fresh Faced Beauties!

I ran into an old friend at a department store a month or so back, and was thrilled to hear that she is now a very accomplished makeup artist. Being the opportunist that I am, I asked her if she wanted to get together and shoot some stuff, her makeup, and my models. She obliged, and I am so stoked that I found her! Her name is Janis Ireland and she does fantastic work.

I was lucky enough to work with 2 of my favorite models, Caitlyn and Jenna. Jenna is a great friend of mine, and fellow photographer who is as awesome behind the camera as she is in front of it! If you follow my blog, you will recognize her from a few previous shoots we've done together. Incidently, it is her birthday today, so Happy 19th, Caitlyn!!! :) Thank you both for coming and being such excellent subjects!

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