Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My new FAVE place.... :D

I was doing some shooting this week and I had to send some props out to my new BFF Kenneth Bell from Bling On King on King St. in Cobourg. He has the most awesome store and I absolutely love his stuff! Sometimes a girl just needs a little bling in her life, and when she see's that it is currently 50% off every little bit of bling in the store, well....a girl needs to GET SOME!!!! I just loaded up on a few trinkets for myself (because I deserve it! ;) ) and because accessories (unlike pants) always fit! ;) I know there are lots of ladies out there that need something pretty, and lots of men that are looking to help their kids find some really great Mother's Day Gifts. I can't help but share an awesome deal! :)

I am looking forward to spending more time with you in the future, Kenneth!

I'm attaching a bit of the bling that wowed me!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Two Times the Fun!

My very dear friend came by with her two BEAUTIFUL little men for me to play with! Today it was just the twins, as their big brother was at school, so we had some fun in the studio. These two have the most infectious, gigantic smiles, and their parents are so hilarious it's hard to keep a straight face around the bunch of them! :)

OH BABIES! Double Maternity :)

I got a call from a Mom recently with a request I don't hear every day! It turns out that both of her daughters are pregnant, and due within 7 weeks of each other! She requested a double maternity session for her girls, to commemorate this amazing time in their lives. I met both ladies this afternoon, and we had so much fun creating some fun images. Marsha is expecting a girl, and Krista is expecting a boy, so as long as those ultrasounds were correct, we will have the appropriate colours for the babies' rooms! :) Thanks for being so much fun ladies, and I look forward to seeing you both again with your newest bundles of joy! :)

Another New Big Sister! :)

I recently welcomed Jennifer and her family back to the studio to photograph their newest family member. Big sister Ella is an absolute ham for the camera, and it was so nice to see her in her latest role to little sister Leah.

Congratulations guys! :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Fusion! :)

I blogged yesterday about Amber and Damien's Engagement photos, and I wanted to make sure to include the fusion video we created from the session. I absolutely love the emotion and the love captured in these sessions, and the video only enhances the feeling.

Thank you both, for being so patient and for helping us enter new territory for our wedding coverage options. :)

Here's the video....

Thanks :)

I just got the most amazing email sent to me from one of my blog readers. It's so worth reading, I have asked her to allow me to share it, albeit anonymously.

She was speaking of this blog post from earlier in the year.

"I was reading your blog today, and an older post caught my eye. It was the one about not wanting to have your picture taken because of your hair or not having your makeup done etc. It's so true, and we do it all the time. I'm always deleting the pics that aren't perfect in MY eyes. And you're right... our kids don't care how we look, they just love us. I can't believe how much loss there has been lately of people our age, or just people I know. Their families aren't sitting around criticizing their hair or their clothes, they're just missing them and loving ALL the memories.

You've inspired me to just be me and not worry about the extra pounds, or my hair.

Keep up your beautiful work, and helping families create memories that will last forever."

To my blog reader who wants to remain anonymous:

I want to thank you for this note. Sometimes I wonder if people understand how important these memories are going to be to them. I never dreamed how much the photos of my own father would mean to me once I knew I would never see his smiling face again. Your note brought tears to my eyes, and a smile to my face, and I am so very glad that you 'get it'.

Much totally made my day. :)


Monday, April 20, 2009

Amber and Damien ~ Engaged

I met Amber and Damien for our long awaited engagement session recently. These two have a love story that has lasted since they were in high school! They first met in a sandbox in kindergarten, and that is exactly where Damien planned to propose to Amber. In addition to a welcoming a second child into their family last year, and planning a wedding, Damien recently joined the Cobourg Police, and he is completing his training to be an officer. The future looks very, very bright for you both, and I am so happy to share in your celebration! :)

Yummy Mommy (and Daddy) -to-be!

I got a call from Melanie last week to inquire about maternity photos. When I inquired when her due date was, she admitted it was in less than 2 weeks!!! We really had to hustle them in to get the job done before the new babe made its way into the world!

This couple was so easy going, and they were absolutely fantastic to work with, and very patient with me while I played 'mad scientist' in the studio! :)