Monday, April 20, 2009

Yummy Mommy (and Daddy) -to-be!

I got a call from Melanie last week to inquire about maternity photos. When I inquired when her due date was, she admitted it was in less than 2 weeks!!! We really had to hustle them in to get the job done before the new babe made its way into the world!

This couple was so easy going, and they were absolutely fantastic to work with, and very patient with me while I played 'mad scientist' in the studio! :)

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Kimberly Hill said...

She looks fabulous with a gorgeous belly! I'd never guess she was due any moment. That second image is STUNNING - I hope they get it large and hang it in their room to remember what a beautiful (and sensual) time pregnancy is and what their love for each other created. Can't wait to see the newborn pictures!