Monday, April 20, 2009

Baby Boom!

It seems like there is a bit of a baby boom on lately at the studio. I have seen so many gorgeous little boys and girls, and brand new big brothers and sisters in the past few months. I was happy to welcome back my old school mate Joe and his wife Rhonda when they recently brought in their little man. They were in to see me for maternity photos a while back, and I couldn't believe how big their little guy is already! And sooooo gorgeous!!! Check out those CHEEKS!!! (both sets... ;)


Kimberly Hill said...

Okay, way too cute, and I'm lovin' the bottom cheeks! That one needs to hang in the bathroom. What a hoot!! You can't help but smile. His bright eyes peeking out of the blanket are just adorable.

Rhonda Baitley said...

Believe it or not, he's almost always that happy :-) We had a great time and he smiled for the whole hour!!