Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thanks :)

I just got the most amazing email sent to me from one of my blog readers. It's so worth reading, I have asked her to allow me to share it, albeit anonymously.

She was speaking of this blog post from earlier in the year.

"I was reading your blog today, and an older post caught my eye. It was the one about not wanting to have your picture taken because of your hair or not having your makeup done etc. It's so true, and we do it all the time. I'm always deleting the pics that aren't perfect in MY eyes. And you're right... our kids don't care how we look, they just love us. I can't believe how much loss there has been lately of people our age, or just people I know. Their families aren't sitting around criticizing their hair or their clothes, they're just missing them and loving ALL the memories.

You've inspired me to just be me and not worry about the extra pounds, or my hair.

Keep up your beautiful work, and helping families create memories that will last forever."

To my blog reader who wants to remain anonymous:

I want to thank you for this note. Sometimes I wonder if people understand how important these memories are going to be to them. I never dreamed how much the photos of my own father would mean to me once I knew I would never see his smiling face again. Your note brought tears to my eyes, and a smile to my face, and I am so very glad that you 'get it'.

Much appreciation....you totally made my day. :)


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