Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Brand, Brand NEW!!!! 5 days old...

People often ask what the best time is to photograph a newborn baby. Of course, I always tell them THE MINUTE YOU CAN!!! :) If possible, I encourage my clients with new babies to bring them in when they are mere days old. The babies are so soft and squishy and they are so easy to work with at this age! They are so nice and sleepy, and they photographs that come from these sessions are truly precious, as the little ones change so very fast.

Karen and her family have been to me many, many times, and it was with great joy that I photographed the newest addition to the family, Baby Brodyn. Many, many congratulations to you both, and thank you for letting me share in your celebration!

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Kimberly Hill said...

He's so delicious and squishable and fresh and new. You did a lovely job capturing his first days and I love the connection with Mom & Dad. Just gorgeous work, Gerri.