Sunday, April 15, 2007

Amanda & Scott ~ April 7. 2007

Amanda and Scott tied the knot! (wow...I'm a poet! lol!)

I met Amanda after photographing Michelle and Andrews wedding last summer, and I was excited to hear that she was getting married in my very own town. I rarely work here in Colborne, but when I do, we have the whole studio at our disposal to use on a wedding day, which is so much fun.

Amanda and Scott did something very untraditional, that I just love to do. They did all of their wedding photos before their ceremony. The reason I love to photograph couples before-hand, is that they are able to have their first meeting in private, just the two of them (and me!), where we arrange the groom so he can't see the bride until she taps him on his shoulder. When he turns around, he sees her for the very first time, alone and privately, and he can get a really good look at this gorgeous woman in front of him with no distractions. I usually get really beautiful reaction photos when we do things this way, because there isn't a huge room full of people watching the moment. It's so much more intimate and it's really beautiful to see the moment unfold. Once Scott and Amanda had a few moments together, we brought the rest of the families in, and they joined us for family photos. Later on, the guys went to the hall, and the ladies took the limo over to my studio, where we had a blast doing some studio photos with all of the bridesmaids and Amanda.

After the wedding, we went right into party mode, after a couple of quick photos with folks who didn't get a chance to have their photos taken with the bride and groom. It was nice for the guests, who were able to enjoy the company of Amanda and Scott, without having to wait around for the photos to be done. Besides, after the ceremony is done, everyone knows it's PARTY time! :)

Here are a few pics from their big day....

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Jenna said...

Beautiful pics!

The couple looks beautiful in what you have captured between the.

I love the bridal party girl pics.

Nice work :)