Monday, April 02, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!

Well, I am exhausted to report that I am back from my trip to the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International annual convention in LAS VEGAS, baby! WPPI runs the show every year at this time, and it has a huge trade show full of goodies, as well as tons of seminars, platform speakers, and master classes that are part of the whole event. I am still totally blown away by the master photographers I met and studied with, the amazing photographers that I met attending the convention, and all of the information that I crammed into my brain over the week. I have tons of new stuff to try out this season, and I think my brides and grooms are going to be very excited to see how they will benefit from this amazing learning opportunity. I can't wait to blog about some of the events of the trip (including an incredible trip to the Grand Canyon West, home to the brand new skywalk over the canyon!), but right now I am recovering from a nasty bout of influenza and a chest infection. I will be back with more details, and photos as soon as I am feeling a bit better, I promise! :)

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