Friday, March 16, 2007

Stuffing the Ballot Box for Mitzi...

So what are YOU doing Saturday, March 23rd at 7pm?

I want to urge everyone who is interested to go to ENSS on March 23rd to vote for our hometown girl, Mitzi, who is competing in the first leg of her journey to be THE Northumberland Idol. It's the semi-finals, and Mitzi's in it to win it, for the title, the sash and ALLLLL the bragging rights!

I met Mitzi a couple of years ago, behind the counter of her family's business, Sunnyside Meats,(BEST MEAT EVER!!!!) and I'm happy to be able to put the word out for her. She's a great kid, a fantastic singer and she deserves your vote!!! :)

Here's a couple of pics I asked her to send me, so everyone would know a)how cute she is and b)who they are voting for.....

Since you're here, leave Mitzi some love in the blog! :)

Go Mitzi, Go!!!! :)

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