Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jacky and Stu

Well, what in the world could I say about these two that would help you to understand what a fun couple they are? They literally beam with excitement when they are together, and it's like being caught up in a love fest. I hate to name drop (not true! love it!), but you may recognize them from such movies as mean girls (Jacky) and American Pie The Naked Mile (Stu)!!! Working with them was so much fun, we absolutely had a blast. Jacky and her Maid of Honour, Adrianna, are rabid 'America's Next Top Model' fans, so we had to have at least a little fun with that. My husband Rob, who was their videographer for the event, strung this footage together with the ANTM theme song....

I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to meet and share in the wedding of these two gorgeous people. When they are big stars, I know they will drag me along for the ride as their official photog! lol!

Thanks to both of you for having me! It was a blast!

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