Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bridal Noire!

A few weeks ago we met with Ashleigh to create some very moody and non-traditional bridal portraits after her recent February wedding. We really enjoy these post-wedding sessions (sometimes called 'Trash The Dress' sessions) but always felt that the name left a bit to be desired for lots of folks. Bridal Noire is a bit darker, a bit edgier then your average wedding day photos, but these photos won't leave your beloved gown filthy or in tatters either. ;) In a nutshell, it's another chance to get dolled up and be a fantastic diva for a day, with or without the groom. ;)

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Kimberly Hill said...

Wow. Just *wow*. I'd have that first one printed and hung HUGE on my bedroom wall where I could see it every day and be reminded of just how divalicious I am. How could you not be ready to take on the world when you have proof that you look like THAT?!? All of them need to be in a fabulous album to take out and look at again and again and again... yes, definitely again. Good days and bad days and just because. What a fabulous gift to give yourself!