Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Girls of Guelph

It was with great excitement that I photographed a 'Diva Party' for four girls from my alma mater, the University of Guelph. They made the long trek from U of G to commemorate their friendship and also, for some, their last year together as roommates. I couldn't help but remember my very fond days at the U of Goo while we were together, and wonder what some of my old room mates are doing now. Nikki Ferri and Lynne Maritz, where are you now? :)

Anyway, here are a couple from our whirlwind session, and I hope these photos will help the girls remember their connection always.

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...and one of all the girls together...we joked that it was like a United Nations meeting! :)

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Here is the composite I custom created for the session.

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Thanks girls for reminding me what it was like to be young, and so beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for making us all look soooo HOTT!! I really appreciate your time and effort it was so much fun, and I will deffinatly be comming back!! Your girls are beautiful, just like you!!
Thanks again, Love always!!

Anonymous said...

Wow we look as amazing as we felt that day with you Gerri!
The road trip with my housemates from Guelph to meet with Gerri was soo much fun and completely worth every second. The girls and I wanted someway to remember our year as housemates together. This was the perfect way to do so. For myself, I am graduating at the end of the year, and now I have these wonderful pictures to forever remember my experiences in 4th year. Thank You Gerri, for capturing this moment.

Anonymous said...

I will never forget how beautiful I felt when Gerri was taking pictures of me. What made the photoshoot an amazing experience is Gerri's personality and creative mind. Within the first couple of minutes meeting her I felt instantly at ease. She's outgoing, funny, and fun to be with. Who would have thought having someone take your picturs would be so fun? Thank you Gerri for making me feel and realize that I am beautiful.
I can't wait to have a photoshoot again!
Joanna (a.k.a flirty hair) he he...

Jocelyn said...

You girls look amazing. I miss you more than words. Your beauty astounds me but your personalities are really what touched my heart.

Love you girlies