Tuesday, September 04, 2007

New Orleans Shootout!

I'm back from my workshop, and it was truly amazing. I met some fantastic photographers ( Mike Fulton ; Jordan Chan ; Suzy Min ; George Kuchler to name just a few!) and shot till I couldn't shoot anymore. Our first day was in New Orleans, where George met up with us to spend the afternoon working with us. We were so lucky to have him hang with us until Mike and Jordon arrived later in the afternoon. He shared his favorite spot in New Orleans to shoot portraits, and it was like hanging out in a photographers paradise. There were more photography locations in one block than I have ever seen. It showed me that maybe I'm not looking hard enough for cool spots, and from now on it is going to be my mission to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Some shots from our NOla shootout, and many thanks to our gorgeous models, Caroline, Christi, Angel and Melissa for their time and talent during the day. These girls went above and beyond the call of duty in modelling, even jumping into a fountain in Jackson Square (which we did get them kicked out of, by the way!) Ahhh....good times!

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Anna-Karin said...

Wow Gerri, you did so well on these. I have not even had time to start looking at mine. Seeing yours makes me want to start though.

It was great fun working with you and I also learned a ton.