Wednesday, June 03, 2009

'Trash the Dress' Gets Some Local Attention! :)

Faithful blog readers will already know that we've been doing this for awhile, but this week on the Star 93.3 morning show I was on the radio to share some info on one of my favorite post-wedding photo shoots, Trash The Dress.

I have done quite a few of these, and have blogged some of my favorites....even one with a video as well! I have also talked about how Trash the Dress is NOT for everyone and provided an alternative way to be photographed after your wedding without ruining your treasured heirloom.

It was really fun 'meeting' Joel on the radio, and talking about one of my favorite subjects, even if I do sound like a nutjob and my kids are hollering in the background for part of it! lol! Thanks to Star 93.3 for the opportunity to talk about it, and for linking to me from the website. MUCH appreciated!

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