Thursday, September 21, 2006

Good News! :) Bad News! :(

How's that for a teaser title? ;)

I am soooooo happy to report that I am finally back in the studio, after what feels like months of renovations to the new space. Props to my husband, who has slaved many a long hour in the studio getting things ready. I will take this opportunity to say that he is just an amazing person, and I am so glad he could do all of the work for me. :) LOVE you, honey! ;)

Now, for the bad news. In my excitement of unpacking equipment and putting together some new stuff in my studio, I was grievously injured. Well, not grievously....mildly to be more accurate. However, my pride was very seriously injured, when I was impaled by a flying softbox prong while trying to assemble my GIANT softbox. I can tell you the sting of the injury was second to the humiliation of being attacked by my own equipment.

I give you, exhibit A:

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Now I am forced to walk around with a pencil-sized, flaming purple bruise on my chin. I am still trying to think up a good cover story to mask my own stupidity on this one, lol! :)

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