Friday, July 20, 2007

Congratulations Brianna! :)

I will probably embarrass the heck out of her, but I have to make note that our neighbour (and babysitter extraordinaire!) Brianna (in the teal dress) graduated from grade 8 a couple of weeks ago. On the night of her grad, I took some pics of her and her friend, and I literally could not believe how grown up they looked. I am pretty sure I did not look this sophisticated in my taffeta nightmare as an eighth-grade grad! LOL! Oh the memories....hopefully they will be able to look back on these and not find fall on the floor laughing, the way I do when I look at old photos of myself at their age. Congrats girls! :)

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carole said...

I have to say that Briana is beautifuuuuul. 'course i might be just a tough biased...being her mom and all. However, i think the photographer did a fantasitc job of caputuring the momment.
Love your work,