Friday, July 20, 2007

Derek & Shawna ~ June 29, 2007

Friday weddings seem to be happening more often these days, and this month in particular, I've had 3 of them! I love being able to photograph weddings on days that are not 'traditional' wedding days, and Derek and Shawna were one of the most relaxed Bride and Groom I've ever seen! Maybe Friday weddings are a bit less stressful for some reason? I'm not sure but if every wedding went as easy as this one it would be great. We were once again blessed with beautiful (albeit windy!) weather. Just before the ceremony, the gazebo tried to take flight, but after the men were through with it, you would have needed scissors to get it loose from it's mirings! Good job, boys! ;)
One of the most romantic things I've seen happened during the reception. Derek and his father played a song and serenaded Shawna during the dance, and they sounded amazing. It was one of those moments that you know you aren't going to forget. Beautiful!
Congratulations Shawna and Derek!

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