Saturday, February 10, 2007

Brett ~ 12 Years Old

I don't always get the opportunity to work with older kids, as much as I do younger ones. It's really fun (and sometimes a bit challenging) to get the older kids to enjoy their sessions, and I love it when I see that they are starting to have fun. It's cool when they realize that going for a family photo session really is more fun that being hung upside down by their toenails. (J/K...I rarely do that to kids! ) Brett and his parents were terrific subjects, and it was a really easy-going session!

Thanks for coming in, guys! :)

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Judy said...

Thanks so much Gerri. We are very happy with the pictures. I absolutely love the black and white of Brett. You've managed to capture so much of his personality in that shot. We can't wait to come back!