Friday, February 02, 2007

More Gorgeousness.

I have done some work with Caitlyn before, and when I wanted to try some new stuff, she was so great to agree to come and hang out with me and look good for an afternoon. Her very good friend (and forgive me if I misspell your name!) Kailynn was celebrating her birthday that day, so we had to make sure to get her involved as well. Can't have the birthday girl getting overlooked on her special day! :)

Here are a few from our day, and thank you both for your help!

PS. Some keen eyed observers may recognize Caitlyn from this months Northumberland Kids Magazine cover, which we shot back in January.


Jenna said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos!

Caitlyn Ney said...

haha gerri your so awesome, i think you should give me some of your business cards so i can give them out to people! haha :p

Anonymous said...

Some gorgeous photos of both Caitlyn and her friend. Very well done Gerri! Caitlyn, I hope you're starting a portfolio.
Christian's Mom