Thursday, February 01, 2007

Let It Snow....

Holy crap. Nothing like a good snow fall to put the brakes on a fun day in the big city. :( Oh well, if you are a couple of fun photogs with a day to play, you will find something to do with yourself!

Today was supposed to be our road trip for supplies, but instead we got waylaid in C-dot (Big Apple town, for those not in the know!), snowed in by about 5 inches of the white junk. We have been working on some wedding albums, and generally getting lots of work done, but decided to make a permanent record of how much snow has fallen while we were sitting around sipping on cocoa. (Boiled the water, C-dot is under a water advisory right now!)

Here's a visual of how much snow has fallen over the past few hours:

And of course, with all of this white stuff, and a white sweather burning a hole in my closet, I forced my good friend Jenna to model for me for a quick snow pic. Isn't she a doll? ;)

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr....... ;)

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