Monday, February 19, 2007

Thank you, Tara Barrows! :)

I met the lovely Tara Barrows (from 107.9 The Breeze) at the Cobourg Bridal Spectacular (Lions Centre) last month, and she was the most incredible hostess for the event. She is totally smooth and was ROCKING the mike completely! I had a chance to talk to her throughout the event, and I am so happy to have made her aquaintance. During the grand prize announcement, there was a bit of a melee on the stage, and she accidently skipped over my business as a grand prize contributer. I was actually sitting off to the side of the stage, thinking I was going to totally THROW UP if I had to go up there. Sometimes, the universe works in mysterious ways, because I didn't end up having to speak onstage (YAY!) and Tara ended up talking about my business the next day on the air during the morning show!!! :) Win-Win!!! Here's a clip from her show that morning that she sent me, and that my dear brother Roadie managed to upload and host for me....(LOVE you, RoadDogg!)

Tara Barrows Makes Me Blush, on 107.9 The Breeze :)

She has promised she will come and see me if The Breeze requires her to have some saucy head shots done! :) It's the least I can do after she recorded a very cool sound bite for me to use for promotions and stuff (which I am also going to beg my brother to hook up for me!)
Thanks again, Tara! You ROCK!!!

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Tara Barrows said...

Gerri - After reviewing your portfolio and website - you will be my first choice when I have to get some pictures taken for The Breeze web site.

Not only are you wickedly funny but your work is incredible.

I should make mistakes more often because in this case it worked out great and I'm so glad to have met you.

See you at the next wedding whirlwind,

Tara Barrows
Morning Show Co-host
107-9 The Breeze