Monday, October 23, 2006

Fall...where art thou?

I'm really swamped with work, and as much as I want to update my blog with lots of photos, I'm finding it hard to get my actual work done, let alone, goof around at the computer, lol! However, I had a couple of photos that I wanted to post, as they were one of the few families that were lucky enough to get a decent day for fall photos. It seems like we've had to reschedule or cancel so many fall sessions due to the HORRIBLE weather lately, that it was nice for once for someone to get some really beautiful weather.

These are 3 gorgeous siblings, who are obviously naturals in front of the camera. I had to post these, just because it's getting depressing that fall is almost over, and I have hardly any great fall colours in my blog. . Next year, I'm praying for awesome fall weather.

Anyhow, here are a few from the season, as we watch the last of the leaves turn colours and fall to the ground.

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Anonymous said...

Great Gerri! We are keeping our fingers crossed for Thursday! Of course we cannot wait! I just hope it is a beautiful as today!
Looking forward to seeing you.
Melissa C.