Sunday, October 01, 2006

Unbreakable Bonds...

I just got this link, and I had to put it in my blog, because it blew me away. Be prepared to be inspired, and to be humbled. The bond between this father and son, is truly magical.

  • Father and Son Bond of Dick and Rick Hoyt

  • Enjoy.


    Anonymous said...

    wow.... that was good for a few tears!


    cathy said...

    Definitely moved me...we know we love our children but do we really know what strength we truly find within ourselves through our love for them?
    ...a few tears indeed.
    Cathy :)

    Anonymous said...

    Very Moving...moved to tears. I don't think we truly know the strength of our love for our children...we know we love them but it is through trials in our lives we discover the true depth and strength of our love.

    Cathy :)